Inpatient Information and Guidelines


To protect every patient’s right to privacy, the staff will not discuss any patient’s treatment or progress without the patient’s written authorization. Each patient should feel confident that whatever he or she says while in treatment remains confidential. We ask that each patient share in this commitment to confidentiality by not revealing to anyone outside of the hospital any information about his or her peers. By respecting this right to privacy, everyone aids in the treatment process, and it enhances the atmosphere of caring and trust in the program.

In an additional effort to promote privacy and confidentiality, each patient is issued a personal CODE NUMBER. In order for family or friends to call or visit while you are hospitalized at the BHC, you, the patient, must provide those individuals with your assigned CODE NUMBER.


All patients have the right to both send and receive uncensored mail, unless there is a doctor’s order limiting either. Mail may only be limited if the treating physician deems it to be detrimental to a patient’s well-being and/or treatment. Outgoing mail may be left at the nurse’s station and staff will ensure that it goes out.

In an effort to eliminate/control contraband coming into the facility, you may be requested to open mail/packages in the presence of staff in order to ensure only allowable material is enclosed.


Telephones are available on each unit for patient use. Calls will be limited to five (5) minutes each and shall not interfere with program activities, as the phones are turned off during these times. Staff members cannot acknowledge to callers that a patient is in the hospital without that patient giving his or her express written authorization.

At the time of admission, each patient will be issued a CODE NUMBER. Only the patient may provide this number to whomever they wish to call or visit. Cell phones are not allowed and therefore should be sent home, as we cannot be responsible for their safekeeping.