Grievance or Complaint Process


All patients have the right to communicate opinions, recommendations and grievances in a therapeutic manner. All complaints made by patients must be addressed by the facility. All employees are prohibited from discouraging, intimidating, harassing or seeking retribution against patients who seek to exercise their rights or file a complaint. The individual who receives and responds to a complaint is the facility director or an individual who reports directly to the facility director.


  • Patient and/or family member concerns, questions or problems are to be directed to the patient’s counselor or on-duty RN Team Leader.
  • Any patient wishing to make a formal written complaint may do so in writing and submit the concern to his or her nurse, counselor or place in the communication box located on each unit. This box is checked by the Patient Advocate, Shelly Dewitt who can be reached at extension 3095.
    • If the complaint involves the patient’s nurse or counselor, or there is no resolution through this procedure, the complaint shall be given to the facility Patient Advocate. If there is no resolution at this level, the complaint will be referred to the governing authority of the facility. After a complaint has been filed, it will be responded to within 24 to 72 hours.
    • All complaints will be resolved within seven (7) days unless there are extenuating circumstances, in which case the complainant will be advised as to when the complaint will be resolved. Should the complainant wish to appeal the decision, a resolution to the appeal process will be achieved within seven (7) days of filing an appeal.
  • Patients needing assistance in filing a complaint can request such assistance from the staff and assistance will be given, including:
    • Being able to ask specific questions about their rights as a patient.
    • Having pens, paper, envelopes and postage provided by the facility for filing complaints, if requested.
    • Being given access to a telephone in order to call one of the agencies listed above.
    • Being given assistance in writing a complaint if unable to read or write.
  • We ask all patients to report any form of peer or staff misconduct, including verbal, physical or sexual abuse. To report threats or intimidating behaviors, either real or perceived, ask to speak to the Nursing House Supervisor or Patient Advocate.