It is the mission of the TMC Behavioral Health Center outpatient program to provide comprehensive levels of care for patients who are experiencing a psychiatric illness and/or have chemical dependency issues. BHC outpatient services provide a safe, therapeutic and structured environment.


We provide a holistic approach to the entire treatment process. This holistic approach simply means that we attempt to bring about positive changes in each patient’s life by addressing the following areas:

  • Physical
  • Emotional
  • Cognitive
  • Functional
  • Psychological
  • Social
  • Spiritual

Our approach involves the utilization of trained professionals including the psychiatrist (physician) and counseling staff. The counselor will engage the patient in an assessment process designed to evaluate all of the areas above. After the assessment process, a specific treatment plan is developed and reviewed by the staff and the patient.

The program is group-focused, with the belief that the group process is very effective in bringing about change by sharing common experiences with others who have experienced similar life difficulties. In our program, group therapy is the main strategy of treatment.


  • Through the interpersonal interactions, the group gives a sense of belonging
  • Receiving and imparting information
  • Increases hopefulness of members
  • A realization that others experience similar thoughts, feelings and actions
  • In sharing part of ourselves with others, we start healing
  • A good place to interact with others and learn social skills
  • A place to imitate healthy behaviors demonstrated by others in the group
  • A good place to learn of distortions in perceptions by having exchanges with peers
  • A chance to help each other deal with the meaning of our existence
  • A safe place to express feelings we have hidden or suppressed
  • Therapeutic collective identity with the members of the group
  • A place to learn to see the world through the perceptions of others
  • The group can be a corrective family to alter our experiences obtained in our biological families

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