The Treatment Team


Psychiatrists at TMC Behavioral Health are licensed physicians who will be in charge of your health and well-being while you are being treated in the program. They will be responsible for admitting you, following your progress throughout treatment and determining when you are ready for discharge.

You may expect your psychiatrist to talk with you frequently and to confer with other members of the treatment team. It is his or her responsibility to integrate information regarding your care into your treatment plan. Your psychiatrist may also meet with members of your family, when needed.

Nursing Staff

The nursing staff is responsible for a wide range of services that can have an impact on your care, including:

  • Orientating new patients to the unit and program
  • Completing nursing assessments
  • Assisting the team in developing treatment plans
  • Educating patients about medications
  • Facilitating education groups and making sure each patient’s medical needs are addressed by physicians

You will have a RN Team Leader assigned to your unit for each shift, 24 hours per day/7 days per week. This RN is available to you and responsible for your care.

Clinical Social Worker

The clinical social worker/case manager is responsible for:

  • Completing the psychosocial assessment
  • Assisting the team in developing treatment plans
  • Conducting group therapy
  • Performing case management and family therapy as indicated
  • Assisting in developing and implementing discharge plans

The clinical social worker also helps patients or their families contact resources outside the hospital to continue the recovery process after discharge.

Recreational Therapist

The recreational therapist is responsible for evaluating a patient’s activity level in terms of daily life skills and appropriate leisure outlets. They are trained to select and modify activities that address the patient’s specific treatment goals. Recreational therapists work closely with physicians and other treatment team members to design specific holistic and individualized programs for the patients.

Mental Health Technicians

Mental health technicians support the nursing staff and are available at all times to assist with the personal care needs of our patients. They conduct regular health checks on patients to ensure safety and satisfaction.