Your psychiatrist is a fully licensed physician who will be in charge of your well-being in the program. He or she is responsible for admitting you, following your progress throughout your treatment and determining when you are ready for discharge. If you have transitioned from the inpatient BHC program to our outpatient program, you will follow up with the psychiatrist in their office. If you came to us directly from home and did not experience an inpatient stay first, the psychiatrist will meet with you within the first three programming days for an interview and discussion regarding your treatment plan. You will see the psychiatrist in the office for follow-up appointments there after. The members of the treatment team will keep the psychiatrist up-to-date on your progress.


The Clinical Social Worker/Licensed Professional Counselor is responsible for completing the psychosocial assessment, assisting the team in the development of treatment plans and conducting group therapy, and assists in the development and implementation of discharge plans. This also includes helping the patient or family contact resources outside the hospital, which may be used to carry on the recovery process after outpatient discharge has taken place.


Group therapy is the backbone of our treatment program. It affords each patient an opportunity to develop a support base by sharing common experiences with other patients who
have had similar difficulties in their lives. Often, the simple knowledge that we are not alone in our difficulties can provide a healing experience.


Gaining a better understanding of the factors that lead to a need for treatment and being exposed to some tried and true courses of action can aide in a speedier recovery. Opportunities are presented in education groups to learn new coping skills, what pitfalls to avoid after leaving the hospital, and vital information such as the need for and effects of medications. Education groups are geared to let each individual gain better insight into themselves as people.

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